Top Takeaways: Chez Louise Pizza Trailer

Well, the restaurants have closed their dining rooms again and we're back to takeaway only mode. In our neverending quest for something decent to eat, we've checked out quite a few takeaway options.

Chez Louise Pizza trailer is an old horse hauler with a wood-fired oven mounted inside.

The pizzas are outstanding. Made to order and hot out of the oven, they are thin and extremely crispy with a lovely wood fire char. There are eight to choose from including a simple margherita with just cheese and tomato, a meat lovers' with lots of sausage and several vegetarian options.

Three of us split one with garlic, red onions, green peppers and lots of olives. While we ate, I asked Stephan if he hailed from Nice, since that city is famous for its French take on pizza.

"No, I'm from Alsace," Stephan said.

On my half a dozen trips to Alsace, I fell in love with the regional specialty sometimes called "tarte flambee," but more commonly known as flammenkuchen, which means "flame cake" in German. I remember them as rectangular flame-charred pizzas topped with creamy white cheese, onions and bacon on a thin crispy crust.

So would Chef Stephan call his pizza "flammenkuchen" if he were back home, I wondered?

"It's the same crust," he said. "Louise is my grandmother's name, this is her flammerkuchen recipe," he said which explains the Chez Louise name.

I asked if he would ever put the Alsatian style with bacon and white cheese on the Irish menu. He said he already tried it, but they didn't sell very well.

Irish customers regard a pizza as an individual entree. They tend to order one pizza apiece and eat the whole thing. Stephan said he would probably sell more if customers shared them as bar snacks as pizza-eaters do in other cultures. However you eat pizza, we recommend you give this one a try.

Chez Louise Pizza trailer sets up behind Linnane's Pub in Kilfenora Fridays and Sundays from late afternoon to early evening. There is a little grove of picnic tables back there where you can sit and eat your pizza and drink a pint. You can also order takeaway from the pub.